Barak Norman, Land Grant for 150 Acres in St. Andrew's Parish, GA, 01 Jul 1760

Baruch [sic: Barak] Norman
150 acres of Land in St. Andws. [Andrew's] Parish
Regd. 22nd Febry 1762 [22 Feb 1762]

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George the Second by the grace of God of great Britain France Ireland King Defender of the faith & so forth

To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting Know ye that we of our Special grace certain knowledge & meer [sic: mere] Motion have given & Granted & by these Present for us our heirs & Successors Do Give & Grant unto Baruch Norman his Heirs & Assigns All that tract of Land Contg. [Containing] one hundred & fifty [150] acres situate & being in the Parish of St. Andrew in our Province of Georgia bounded on the West by land of Strong Ashmore & on Every other side by land Vacant Having such shape form marks & bounds as appears by a Plat thereof hereunto annexed together with all Woods underwoods Timber & timber trees Lakes ponds fishings water water courses Profits Commodities Heredts. [Hereditaments] & appurtenances Whatsoever thereunto belonging on in any wise appertg. [appertaining] together also wth. [with] Privilege of Hunting hawking & fowling in & upon the same & all Mines & Minerals Whatsoever Saving and Preserving Nevertheless To us our heirs & Successors All White pine trees if any should be found Growing thereon & also saving and Rescuing To us our heirs & successors One tenth part of Mines of Silver & Gold only

To have & to hold the sd. [said] tract of One hundred & fifty acres of land & all & singular other the Premises hereby granted with the appurtenances unto the sd. Baruch Norman his Heirs & Assigns forever in free & Common Soccage [sic: Socage] We the sd. Baruch Norman his Heirs or Assigns Yielding & Paying therefore unto us our heirs & successors Or to our Recr. Genl. [Receiver General] for the time being or to his deputy or deputies for the time being yearly & every year on the twenty fifth day of March at the rate of two shillings sterling for every hundred acres & so in Proportion according to the Quantity of acres Contd. [Contained] herein the same to Commence at the End & Expiration of two years from the Date hereof

Provided always & this Present grant is upon Condition Nevertheless That We the sd. Baruch Norman his Heirs or Assigns shall & do within three years after the Date hereof for every fifty acres of Plantable Land hereby granted Clear & Work three acres at Least in that part thereof As he or they shall Judge most Convt. [Convenient] & Advantageous Or else do Clear & drain three acres of Swamp or Sunken Grounds or drain three acres of Marsh if any such Contd. herein & shall & do within the time aforesaid Put & heep [sic] upon every fifty acres thereof Recd.[?] Barren three Neat Cattle or six sheep or Goats & Continue the same thereon untill [sic] three acres for every fifty acres be fully Cleared & Improved

Provided also that Every three acres which shall be Cleared & Worked or Cleared & drained as aforesd. shall be Accd. [Accorded] a Sufft. [Sufficient] Seating [sic: Seeding] Planting Cultn. [Cultivation] & Improvt. [Improvement] to save forever from forfeiture fifty acres of Land in any part of the tract hereby granted and the sd. Baruch Norman his Heirs & Assigns shall be at Liberty to withdraw his or their Stacke [sic: Stake] in Propation to such Cultn. & Improvt. as shall be made upon the Plantable Lands Swamps sunken grounds Or Marshes Herein Contained And if the said Rent hereby Reserved shall happen to be in Arrears & Unpd. [Unpaid] for the Space of one year from the time it shall become due & no distress can be found on the sd. Lands Tenements & Heredts. thereby granted & Every part & Parcel thereof shall Revert To us our heirs & successors as fully & absolutely as if the same had never been granted provided Also if this grant shall not be duly Registered in the Registers office of our sd. Province within six months from the date hereof and a docquet [sic: docket] thereof also Entered in the Auditors office of the same that then this grant shall be void anything Herein Contd. to the Contrary Notwithstanding

Given under the great seal of our Province of Georgia Witness our Trusty & Well beloved Henry Ellis Esqr. [Esquire] our Capt. [Captain] General & Govr. [Governor] in Chief of our said Province the first day of July in the year of our Lord 1760 [01 Jul 1760] and in the thirty fourth year of our Reign.

Signed by his Excellency the Governor in Council

Chas. [Charles] Watson D.C.C.

  • Georgia Department of Archives and History. Microfilm reel 2-2275. Colonial Georgia Grant Book, Volume D (1759 - 1764), Page FIXME.
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