Job Chamberline to Moses Norman
237 acres
Qt. Rt. 1 sh p 100 acres [Quit Rent 1 shilling per 100 acres]
Enrolled Feb 15 1732 [15 Feb 1732]

[Main text:]
To all people to whom these presents shall come that I Job Chamberlin [sic] of Beach Hill in Colleton County in South Carolina Planter sendeth Greeting.

Know ye that I the said Job Chamberlain [sic] for and in consideration of a valuable sum to him in hand before the ensealing and delivery of these present well and truly paid by Moses Norman of the county and province aforesaid Planter the rect [receipt] whereof I do hereby acknowledge and thereof & of every part and parcel thereof, doth acquit, exonerate, and discharge the said Moses Norman and his heirs Execus [Executors] and admrs [administrators] hath given granted bargained sold aliened enfeoffed and confirmed to the said Moses Norman and by these presents doth fully, freely, clearly, and absolutely Give, grant, bargain, Alien, enfeoff and confirm unto the said Moses Norman and his heirs, Executors administrators and assigns a tract of Land containing Two hundred thirty and seven [237] acres situate lying & being at beach [sic] Hill in Colleton County butted and bounded on the easterly on Mr Moses Grave's Land southwardly on the said Moses Norman's land westerly and Northward on Mr Job Chamberlin's land together with all and singular the ways, profits, Easements, immunities, privileges, rights, commodities, Hereditaments and appurtanances [sic], thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining To have and to hold to use occupy, possess and enjoy all the above granted and bargained premises with their appurtenances and privileges Hunting Hawking Fishing Fowling within the bounds limits of the Same and all woods and trees and other things standing growing being therein or by any ways or means whatsoever belonging thereunto (Except all Royal mines and Quarries of Gems and precious Stones and one sixth [1/6] part of the ore of all base mines after the same is Digged [sic] and washed or one tenth [1/10] part of the same when and after refined) to him the said Moses Norman and his heirs and assigns forever for his or their only proper use and benefit and behoof he or they or some in his or their name yielding and paying for the same unto the Lords Proprietors for their [____] by their or the major part of their appointed & authorized on every first day of December after the date hereof after the rate of Twelve pence for each hundred acres in lieu of and for all manner of services due to the Lords Proprs [Proprietors] as Lords of the fee at such prices as are and shall appointed by direction of our act entitled [“]an act to ascertain the prices of Lands the forms of conveyances the manner of recovering rents for lands and the prices of the commodities the same way[”]

And the said Job Chamberlain for himself his heirs Executors and administrators doth covenant and promise to and with the said Moses Norman and his heirs and assigns in manner and form following that is to say that at the time of this present bargain and Sale and with the ensealing and delivery of these presents he the said Job Chamberline the Sole true and lawful owner of all the abovesaid premises and that he hath in himself good right full power and lawful authority to grant, sell, convey & assine [sic: assign] the premises in manner and form as aforesaid and that the said Moses Norman and his heirs and assigns shall and may from henceforth and forever hereafter by force and virtue of these presents lawfully, peaceably and Quietly have, hold, use, occupy, possess and enjoy all the above granted premises with their appurtenances and every part and parcel thereof without Let, molestation, denial, trouble or contradiction of him the said Job Chamberlin [sic] or his heirs Executors or administrators or of any person or persons claiming and having any Lawful right title or interist [sic] therein by from or under him or by any other Lawful ways or means.

In witness whereof the said Job Chamberlin [sic] hath hereunto set his hand and seal this Twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and twenty and seven [20 May 1727]

{signed} Job Chamberline
{signed} Sarah Chamberline

Signed, sealed & Delivered in the presence of

{signed} Benjamin Sumner Senr [Senior]
{signed} Sarah Sumner

Personally appeared before me Benjamin Sumner and Sarah Sumner and made oath that they saw Job Chamberline & Sarah Chamberline his wife Sign Seal and deliver this instrument of writing for the use within mentioned. Given under my hand the 28th Day of June, 1732 [28 Jun 1732]

{signed} Richard Waring ~

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