Release of Richard Norman and Wife, Esther Norman, 642 Acres to Thomas Boone, dated 19 Mar 1778

Richard Norman
Thomas Boone

This Indenture made the Nineteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight [19 Mar 1778] Between Richard Norman of Saint Johns Parish Santee in Berkley County in South Carolina Planter and Esther his wife of the one part and Thomas Boone of St James's Parish Santee in South Carolina af [aforesaid] Planter of the other Part

Witnesseth, That for and in Consideration of the Sum of Twelve Hundred and Eighty Four Pounds [£1284] Current Money of South Carolina aforesaid to them the said Richard Norman and Esther his wife or one of them in hand at and before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents by the said Thomas Boone well and truly paid, the Receipt whereof the said Richard Norman & Esther his Wife do hereby acknowledge, and thereof and of ever Part and Parcel thereof do acquit Release Exonerate [sic] and discharge the said Thomas Boone his heirs Executors and Administrators and every of them forever by these presents they the said Richard Norman & Esther his Wife have granted bargained sold aliened remised released and confirmed and by these presents Do fully freely clearly and absolutely grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said Thomas Boone (in his actual Possession now being by virtue of a bargain and Sale to him thereof made by the said Richard Norman and Esther his wife for one whole year for the consideration of Five Shillings and by an Indenture of Lease bearing date the day next before the day of the date of these presents to commence from the Day next before the day of the date hereof and Sealed and Delivered before the Executing of these presents and also by force of the Statute for transferring of uses into Possession in that case made and provided) and unto his heirs and assigns forever A Certain Plantation or Tract of Land Containing Six Hundred and forty Two [642] acres Situate and being in Craven County in South Carolina aforesaid on the South side of the Great or Main Santee Road Bounding to the North on the said Road and is opposite to Lands of Anthony Simmons Esquire to the westward on Lands of «blank space» To the Southward on Lands of «blank space» and to the Eastward on Lands of «blank space» which said Plantation or Tract of Six Hundred and Forty Two [642] acres of Land Descended unto and become vested in the said Esther Norman Party to these presents as only Daughter and heiress at Law of her Mother Susanna Bersheba Courturier [sic: Couturier] late of the said State Deceased (late Dubose)

[This portion of the text is not genealogically relevant...]

In Witness whereof the said Parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and Seals the day and Year first above written ~

The word (Houses) being first interlined

{signed} Richard Norman (LS)
{signed} Esther Norman (LS)

Sealed and Delivered In the Presence of
{signed} James Courtonne Junior
{signed} Paul Schlatter

Received the Day and Year first within written of the within named Thomas Boone the Sum of Twelve Hundred and Eighty four Pounds Current Money of South Carolina, it being the full Consideration Money within mentioned. } £1284

{signed} Richard Norman

{signed} James Courtonne Junior
{signed} Paul Schlatter

Memorandum That on the Seventeenth day of January in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty [17 Jan 1780] Before me George Sheed Esqr. one of the Justices assigned to keep the Peace in Charlestown District personally came and appeared James Courtonne Junr. and made oath on the Holy Evangelist that he did see the within named Richard & Esther Norman Sign Seal and as their Act and Deed deliver the within Deed to and for the uses within mentioned and did likewise see Paul Schlatter subscribe his Name as Witness thereto

Sworn the Day and Year abovementioned before me
{signed} Geo. [George] Sheed

Recorded & Examined this 31st Day of January 1780
G. [George] Sheed Regr. [Register]

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