Memorial, Henry Saltus, 500 Acres, Berkley County, SC, 23 May 1733

Saltus, Henry
Entered 23rd May 1733
500 acres
Exd [Examined]

[Main Text:]
A Memorial of Henry Saltus of Berkley County of Lands now in his possession to be registered in the office of his Majesty's Auditor General pursuant to an act of Assembly of this Province in that case made and provided

A Tract of one hundred [100] acres given by a Deed from Richard Bedon, dated the 28th of October 1732 [28 Oct 1732] out of a Tract of five hundred [500] acres, granted to him by the Lords Proprietors bearing date July the 25th 1717 [25 Jul 1717] situate in Berkley County, and bounding northwardly and westwardly on the said Tract of five hundred [500] Acres, and southerly on Lands of Joseph Smith and easterly on Lands of William Way, at the yearly rent of on [sic: one] shilling [1s] per hundred and is hereby required to be registered in the office of his Majestys Auditor General

As witness my hand this 23d day of May 1733 [23 May 1733]

{signed} Henry Saltus

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0090. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 5, Page 143, Item 3.
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