Memorial of Richard Norman, 400 Acres, Berkley, SC, 04 Jan 1775

The memorial does not provide a location, but the associated plat gives location as Berkley County, SC.

S Carolina [written at top of page]
- - -
Richard Norman
400 acres
Qt Rt 3/ Stg [Quit Rent 3s Sterling] or
4/ Pro [4s Proclamation]
Certified by
Joseph Palmer
DS. [Deputy Surveyor]

[Main Text:]
A meml [memorial] exhibited by Richd Norman, to be registd [registered] in the Aud Genls [Auditor General's] office of a plantation or Tract of 400 acres of Land, boundg [bounding] NW on Benjn [Benjamin] Marion and William Greenland, NE on Thomas Studifont SE on Rene Peyre and John Oliver, SW on Gabriel Marion and John Hous Survey certified the 11th May 1773 [11 May 1773] & Granted the 26th of July 1774 [26 Jul 1774] to the memlst [memorialist] qt rt 3/ Stg or 4/ Pro per hundred acres to commence Two Years fromt the date.

In Witness whereof he hath here unto Set his hand the 4th Jany 1775 [04 Jan 1775].

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0094. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 13, Page 215, Item 4.
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